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Peter Cushing

Sunday 21 December 2014

They rose from the dead...

Having finally wrestled the Term That Would Not End to the ground with a manly grunt, I have returned to my hobby desk. Last night I sat in front of Lord of the Rings with She Who Must Be Obeyed and finished off the test batch of the Undead from Dwarf King's Hold.

I think the effect is quite striking when en-masse so I'll start on the rest of them this week.

Gaming wise there'll be no RPGs or board games until the other side of Christmas, but I am hopeful that I might get a game of X-Wing in.

Expect some more painting updates soon(ish).

PS - well done to everyone on the painting challenge. I am in awe of your productivity!


  1. Those are excellent!

  2. Very nice and a great effect in the photo.

    1. Thanks Dannoc. The ink over the white gives a very ghostly effect.

  3. Wonderful effect, really impressive Herbert and well done for getting to the end of term in one piece!

  4. Many thanks Mr A - and th same to you.