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Peter Cushing

Tuesday 30 December 2014

More purchases, a request and a tip.

This arrived from everyone's favourite tax-dodging online retailer this morning:

I'm intending to start up a small wargames club at work - simply in honour of the fact that it was a long ago history teacher who got me started and now I'm back to teaching history full time I feel like I owe the man to pass it on - and so I've picked these as the rules to use. 

The fact that it gives me an excuse to paint a couple of Wars of the Roses retinues is a pure coincidence, of course. 

I should hopefully have some of the Ramblers of Rohan completed tomorrow or the day after so expect some shinies then. 

I do have a request - does anyone know of a 28mm Victorian photographer mini from any manufacturer? I need one for a vignette idea I've had. 

In return I offer this tip - In Her Majesty's Name - a rather spiffing set of steampunk skin rush rules - are currently 99p on kindle as is the expansion. At that price you'd be rude not to get it. 


  1. Ha, I've just ordered Lion Rampant from "everyone's favourite tax-dodging online retailer" this afternoon.

    I can't help with the mini' search, I'm afraid. Not my period of knowledge.

    1. The rules read very nicely. Elegant and simple in their abstraction. They'll ply really well with school kids and certainly with a few mates and a few beers.

  2. I do love the idea of doing something similar at my place so will be interested to hear how you get on. Now as for the Victorian Photographer, I had an idea of using Roger Fenton (he who recorded the Crimea War) on the blog as a sort of motif, didn't really come to anything but did manage to source the miniature.

    He was part of Bicorne Miniatures War Artists set, now off to download the rules!

    1. Oh that's absolutely spot on, old chap - exactly what the Doctor ordered!