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Peter Cushing

Friday 2 January 2015

Ramblers of Rohan

I can hardly call them Riders, can I?

I took a lot longer painting these test pieces than I normally would with a unit as I spent ages faffing about with colours to try and match the feel of the Rohirrim from the films.

Proper photos will follow later but these chaps are more or less done. I was surprised at the lack of detail on the faces; I wasn't expecting much from a single piece plastic but the spare definition was quite a shock. These will need to be revisited to bring them up to what I regard as tabletop standard.

I am happy with the cloaks; I went with something slightly more vibrant than the greyish-green of the films. This was done by not using any washes but by a couple of layers of glazes. In retrospect the leather is too brown - the redder one I used for the accents will probably end up being the main one I use for the rest of the chaps.

As you can see, I did my test batch as a Unit of 8 - this is for use with SAGA as well as LOTR. But while I mull over how to paint the next lot, it's time to start work on the next vignette to use up some of the British Line Infantry I have left over.

Here's the chaps as they stand:


  1. I think you are being a bit mean on yourself, they look rather splendid to me. You have already piqued my curiosity with the vignette too - is that going to be a cigar that chap is holding on the right?

    1. I'm generally happy with the overall look of the Rohirrim, but the faces are poor: a combination of soft casting and rushed painting. They just need a touch up at some point.

      You are, of course, correct; our stalwart soldier there is indeed smoking a cigar. I wonder what could be happening? If you want a clue, look in the background....

    2. I'm channelling mutant insects with face melting venom judging by that poor soul in he foreground. That of he is Lieutenant Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith of Her Majesty's Alpha Team; perhaps Captain H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock will be piloting the bug? ;)

    3. Oh what a fabulous idea. I'll be building that next.

  2. Your Rohirim look pretty nice to me! I really like the green of their coats.