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Peter Cushing

Friday 30 January 2015

The Percys have landed

The first unit of my WotR project is completed (bar the basing but I've not decided on the scheme as yet). I need to choose a badge for my chaps but inspiration has yet to strike.

The more historically minded of you will notice that I've quartered the tunics rather than going with the more accurate Percy halved tunic. This was purely because I fancied having black and red in quarters and whim trumps accuracy every time for me. This is probably not an admirable attitude for a history teacher.

The blued armour is quite nice - and historically accurate - but it looks simply too fantastical for the feel I want for this project. I'll give the other side someone in black enameled armour to even up the fashion quota.

Speaking of which, the next step is the first Neville-style unit who are already constructed:

My favourite character from this little bunch is that chap who is quite the most nonchalant Man at Arms in the history of warfare:

I am quite tempted to paint him as The Stig.

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