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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 4 February 2015

WiPs - knights and dragons and fires, oh my...

I've been struck down by the Black Death (read: a slight cold) but I'm manfully struggling on with the various items on the workbench. 

First up is the second unit of men at arms, the first for the second retinue. The armour has been shaded and highlighted so no there's just detailing and the livery to do:

The second thing I've been working on the third of our D&D characters, a Dragonborn cleric. We couldn't find a miniature that we liked and the player in question plays WFB so I decided on a cut and shut conversion job. 

The basis is a Perry Foot Knight with a Saurus warrior head. The head is MASSIVE; so out of proportion that I've had to build up the chest and shoulders with greenstuff to help build up the upper body. I've also repositioned the shoulders into a slightly more lizardly joint arrangement and added a neck and a tail. 

Once all this work has set, I'll add a cloak which will finish off making the body look slightly larger. I'll also finish the war hammer - although I'm tempted to texture it as stone just for giggles. 

The last thing I've been doing is the fire pit to finish the 4Ground house; photos of that to follow at the weekend.  


  1. These foot knights are very impressive!

    1. Thanks Phil. The miniatures really are lovely. I can't recommend them enough.

  2. The dragon cleric dude is quite epic. Looking forward to seeing your WOTR figures with their tabards.
    Hope you get better soon.

    1. I'm quite happy with the way he's turned out. I just ho