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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 18 February 2015

A Storm of Arrows

So that's the second Unit for the Percy Retinue done.

These are tabletop standard only, mainly because I could feel my interest and attention flagging. Unit painting really doesn't suit me.

However, taken as a whole, the Percy Retinue so far is looking quite striking:

The other thing is that the Dragonborn cleric is nearly done; the attempt at source lighting really didn't work but the miniature didn't cost me anything so I can feel quite sanguine about it not looking quite right.

On the plus side, the conversion work has helped to balance the oversized head, so I'm happy with that.

I have a few days of half term left (bar a funeral) so if I can get the archers unit for the Nevilles done I will take a well-deserved break from the Wars of the Roses and paint something else before I come back for the billmen and mounted knights.

Now the depressing bit:

The Pledge So far:

Bought: 189
Painted: 42



  1. Oh well done, these look great, although I know what you mean about batch painting; I often get through four miniatures before I feel the need to flit off and do something else!

    1. Thank you for your generous words. I'm tolerably happy with them. This is the longest I've managed to maintain interest in a single project for years.

  2. Splendid looking unit! You've really brought them to live.

  3. They are looking amazing!

    My painting target is looking similar to that too! Starting to get a bit daunting . . .

    1. Thanks. If I can just make dent in it I'll be happy.