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Peter Cushing

Saturday 29 August 2015

Paint Table Saturday

Crikey, it's been a long road. This is a slight expansion of the original War of the Roses project but I've now finished all the Perry Miniatures that were bought for me as Birthday presents back in January.

Here we have the Neville cavalry, rather neater and better equipped than their Percy counterparts. Again, I chose cooler colours from the blue end of the spectrum to help tie the forces together. 

The coloured lances, incidentally, are a detail I lifted from the ever useful Osprey publications. They were more prevalent than we sometimes think.

This is the one I did the major conversion work on, and I'm rather happy with the dynamic pose:

Like the ever Sainted Mr Awdrey I, too, have now to prepare for the new Academic year, so my painting will probably slow down. I am, however, determined to finish the human Blood Bowl team; so hopefully there will be at least one more completed project post before the new term.


  1. Excellent job, I really do love the converted model, and a cracking way to finish the holiday. Back to getting my head round the new A-level changes!

    1. Thank you Mr A. For me, it's GCSE changes. I'll be teaching 3 different GCSE History specs at once next year, along with Film Studies. Promises to be a bit complicated!

  2. Top work, H.W.!

  3. Nice brush work on those lovely figures. Adopting the coloured lances was a great idea.

    Best wishes on the coming academic year!