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Peter Cushing

Sunday 9 August 2015

Spaceships and Victorian Vigliantes

First up is the Sol Fleet pieces from the Rex Boardgame. It seemed like an easy thing to just give them a quick going over as the rest of the game was so visually appealing:

The ships as they originally appear


REX Fleet

Second is the matching piece to the Man Who Grins. Again, a lovely sculpt from Vermis on the Lead Adventure Forum merited a More Than Tabletop Quality paintjob:

Victorian Vigilante III
I decided to go with the feel of an Inverness Cape, rather than something he'd had specially made. The brown is also more Victorian than black to my way of thinking. 

Victorian Vigilante II
I am quite ridiculously pleased with the blending on the cape. 

Victorian Vigilante

And, just for fun, I decided to stick him in a Victorian Batcave.

Victorian Batcave

Next up will be the Human Bloodbowl team and then some more In Her Majesty's Name characters.


  1. The Bat is the colours!

  2. Whilst the spaceships are lovely, the Victorian vigilante is just superb!

  3. Brilliant! Top work on the Inverness-Caped Crusader :)