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Peter Cushing

Sunday 27 December 2015

So Say We All


Nearly done with the Viper. There's just a final clear coat and then weathering to do. The Christmas haul this month was more models than gaming or miniatures as I'm going to try and whittle down the lead pile this year a bit rather than adding to it.

Hopefully normal painting updates will be resumed in a few days as the Carnosaur is finally nearing completion.

The painting of the Viper was fairly simple airbrushing. I decided to paint the stripes as it would make it easier to weather them. After masking off the strips I added maskol - you can see it on the pictures as purple dots - which is simply liquid latex. After the painting, just rub the maskol off and voila! instant wearing.

Did some gross weathering at this stage by sanding the paintwork back down to the grey primer.

Decals added:

Next project beyond a couple of 28mm miniatures:


  1. That really does look excellent!

  2. So much good work there. Very impressive.
    I guess weathering happens in space. Dust and rock bits and all that. Plus things getting banged around in the hanger. Never thought of that before.

    1. Yup. They also fly in atmosphere and get shot up quite a lot.