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Peter Cushing

Saturday 14 May 2016

Bring out your dead!

I hadn't realised until I bought them that I'd seen them before; Lord Awdrey had painted some up. 

But these are the rather fabulous Plague Doctors from Foundry, painted up for my Dragon Rampant Undead force. They will serve as Heavy Foot, spreading disease wherever they go. 

Really lovely sculpts and castings. 

The disease spreading goo in the bucket is painted as an homage to Herbert West Reanimator. 

Certainly helping getting my mojo back. And, as an extra plus point I managed to score one of my all time Holy Grail minis in a cheap job lot off eBay today, so Doctor West is a happy bunny. 


  1. Lovely figs and great idea to use them as disease spreading heavy foot for DR!

  2. Thanks Gordon. It's fun to try and come up with Undead concepts that haven't been done a million times before.

  3. Now I really like the heavy, dark, oilskin look - great idea.

    1. Thanks Mr A - was thinking of a slightly Clive Barker Cenobyte look.

  4. Wow, amazing painting. And I can't find them on the Foundry website, what range are they from?