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Peter Cushing

Sunday 29 May 2016

There is no 'i' in 'team'. There is a 'bloodthirsty bunch of maniacs', though.

This is probably some sort of record. 22 years ago I bought a Dark Elf bloodbowl team. And then I thought I'd lost them. And then I found them again!

Today I finished painting them. That's a hell of a wait in the lead pile. Anyone out there beat 22 years between buying and painting some miniatures?

Without further ado, here they are:

I have a couple of games scheduled this week - one against a professional rugby player! - and so it seems likely they'll get a run out.

So here are the heavy hitters, the two Witch Elves and the Star Player, Harkon Heartripper:

The positional chaps, two Blitzers and - probably the most important player the way I play DE - the thrower:

And finally the blackbone, the linesmen.

For anyone that's interested, the uniforms were done with my 'ghostly' recipe; black primer, blast of grey primer for pre-highlight, then white drybrush and a green ink wash. Fast and effective; white highlights give a luminous quality and some silver and red gems help break up the green. The skin was a simple blue-tinged affair. The bases were done the same as the Human and Orc teams. 

The team name will be either the Pitfiend Stilettos or the Niflheim Ravens; I am currently torn. Any suggestions in the comments below would be appreciated.

I have one more team to pick up and then I'll've covered the four main playstyles I'm interested in.

Expect match reports to drop next week.


  1. I'm sure I have miniatures I bought in the 80s (over 30 years ago) and haven't touched any paint to nor prepped in anyway (but they are out of their packages, in boxes of other unpainted odds and ends).

    1. Impressive! I have an unopened blister of the Citdel gumshoes somewhere.

  2. 22 years in the making, but worth waiting for, fabulous job and best of luck with the game.

  3. You just need a couple more blitzers now!