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Peter Cushing

Monday 2 May 2016

Slow Progress

Not much time for hobby stuff this weekend as the Eldest turned 4 so lots of parties and play times. 

I did manage to get a test tower and wall section of the Simba castle done:

I'm quite happy with the dark grey look. I toyed with sandstone but I think this is more suitable for fantasy. 

I also did the basic colours on some of the dungeon tiles; I've gone for a slight lighting effect on them which I think works well: 

More pictures of those as they develop. 


  1. Both the tower section and the dungeon tiles look great!

  2. Thanks Gordon. Very happy with how the tiles are shaping up.

  3. Both look great, but I am particularly interested in the castle, especially as mine has now arrived! Is that just a dark primer and then some drybrushing?

    1. Correctamundo. Halfords black
      Spray and some craft acrylic black and white mixed for different tones.

    2. Sounds like a plan, but I do like the idea of sandstone now that you have mentioned it.

    3. There's enough pieces to do two different castles!