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Peter Cushing

Thursday 1 June 2017

Slough Toth, Drune Lord of the Bone Orchards

The tribes of the far north live in endless shadow and mist. The Faceless fight, bringing home trophies of their victims; the Skald lead them to war, when war is required; and the cheiftans make the decisions day to day. But who choses the victims; who declares the wars; who swears the cheiftans to their dark oaths?

The Drune Lords tend the Bone Orchards. The Drune Lords summon forth the spirits of the cold winds of change. The Drune Lords speak for the dead; the Drune Lords speak to the dark; the Drune Lords speak, and the Faceless follow.

The most feared of them is the Drune Lord Slough Feg; but even he fears Slough Toth, the Devourer.

This was another fairly serious conversion job: as you can see, he's built around a dryad but with a skeletal torso and nurgle demon arm. Then a lot of greenstuff hair and lianas. 

His companion was a riff on the idea of the Bone Orchards; I imagined there must be someone or something to tend them. This little chap was knocked together out of undead and dryad bits; to a rather pleasing effect, I think. 

And here are my two Drune Lords and their helper:

This marks the end of this little project: if I get the time this week I'll get a shot of the whole warband together and maybe put together another page like I did for the Nurgle Project or the Bloodbowl stuff. As always thank you for your comments and suggestions. It's all much appreciated. 


  1. Really, really great work. The group shot is particularly terrifying.

    1. Thanks Michael. I'm really happy with the overall project.

  2. Holy &%$·"!! That's fantastic! Really cool kitbashing.