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Saturday 24 June 2017

You Dirty Rats!

Continuing my Bloodbowl adventures - still the most frequently played game I own by some considerable margin - with a new team.

But this time the team is not mine!

My regular opponent - an ex-professional rugby player who's never been one for toy soldiers - has completed his metamorphosis into the 'Full Geek' as he puts it by buying his own team. Obviously this meant that I had to paint them, but I'm not complaining. It gave me the rare opportunity to sus out the miniatures before I paint my own set.

Whether this means the Multiple Scoregasms are to be retired remains to be seen but when he looked at the Games Workshop page he decided to go Skaven. For team colours he sent me this:

I started construction but kept conversions to a minimum - just some headswaps and repositioning of tails to break up the silhouettes and make them look a little less uniform.

Painting was then done mainly with vallejo transparent paints for the uniform and inks for flesh. The flesh was given a couple of washes and glazes but the uniform wasn't to keep it vibrant.

I used the flourescent green to add a slight warpstone effect to the balls. 

Pretty happy with these: I'll be interested to see what they play like. He often plays a running game so they should suit him quite well. I'm tempted to put my dark elves up against them to see how that works out. Two runny/throwy teams should certainly make an interesting match....

Anyway, I hope he likes them. At the time of writing, he hasn't seen them.


  1. After this week's game he's probably regretting that colour choice. :)
    You should paint your team Maroon :)
    Great painting.


  2. He's got to be pleased with these, smashing work Sir.

  3. Nice work! I'm sure your friend will like them and appreciate your work.

  4. You should be happy with them ... they look great! Nice work.

  5. Lovely looking skaven, the warpstone colour had worked particularly well.
    Best Iain