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Peter Cushing

Friday 9 June 2017

Radagast the Brown

"Radagast is, of course, a worthy wizard, a master of shapes and changes of hue; and he has much lore of herbs and beasts, and birds are especially his friends."

-Gandalf the Grey, Fellowship of the Ring

"I don't understand why it's not working! It's not as if it's witchcraft! .... Oh, but it is. A dark and terrible magic..."

-Radagast, An Unexpected Journey

This was a little treat to myself a few months ago; a treat for two reasons. First because I wanted to complete my set of Middle Earth wizards and secondly because Sylvester McCoy is one of my favourite Doctors, so the chance to have a 28mm version of him was too good to pass up.

There's not a lot to say on this one, other than that I took one lesson from the Blanchitsu work I'd been doing -  a very light drybrush of white as the absolute final stage of painting . Here you can see it's helped bring out the detail of the cloak as well and slightly fading down all the colours and making the whole thing look lived in.

As an aside, we also had another game of Memoir 44. I occurs to me that all most people who've joined the blog have seen is the painting so you might not know where the title comes from.

These cards would be lovely if I had any troops in the centre at all.

There are five symbols on the dice. Would you like to guess what the symbol is that denotes a miss? Go on, have a guess. 

And that's where the title of the blog comes from.


  1. Radagast has turned out very well.

  2. What a fabulous character, great sculpt and nicely painted too.

  3. Great work, really looks the part.
    And Memoir 44 is a great game.

    1. I love Memoir 44. Keep meaning to pick up the ACW one.

  4. Nice work on Radagast and appropriate timing for a game of Memoir 44!

  5. Dice certainly happened there! As well as cards.

    The mini is well done. I always liked Radagast in the books, but not so much in the movies (the bird droppings wasn't a great look, in my opinion).

    1. I wasn't very happy with the films in general; buried a great book under too much sound and fury.

  6. Radagast is painted beautifully, and photographing him in your garden was inspired. Lovely work. What is the connection w Sylvester McCoy, I didn't get that.

  7. Radagast the Brown looks fantastic. And a well chosen background for your photos of him!