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Peter Cushing

Friday 28 July 2017


I needed a slight break from the Terminators from Space Hulk so decided to have a fiddle with one of the ideas I had floating around for Shadow Wars - the more or less re-release of Necromunda.

The only real army I've ever had for 40k was Tyranids - and I've had it for a very long time: the core of it was Genestealers from the original Space Hulk in 1993 or whenever.

The problem was that the colour scheme I chose for Hive Fleet Typhon was based on a lagoon crab and was therefore pretty useless for urban warfare.

Given that Tyranids evolve to maximise their effectiveness, it seemed likely they would evolve urban camouflage just like moths and butterflies did. The trick was, could I design something that felt tied to the original but still worked for the Underhive?

Step one was to raid the leftover sprues in the garage to see if I could knock together some tyranid warrior forms. Spoiler: I could.

Anyway, this is the scheme I came up with.

The carapace is very similar to the original just with splintered camouflage under the glaze; the skin was given a dark grey glaze instead of progressive browns; the purple flesh accents remained the same.

I think this works as something that would strike from the shadows and hangs together with the old scheme. Not bad for an hour fiddlibg about!


  1. Outstanding! Great execution of a great idea!

  2. Nice work, they'd definitely work together with the same basing.
    Best Iain

  3. Fantastic work ... while both look good, that purplish/bluish one is really unique and well executed.