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Peter Cushing

Sunday 9 July 2017

Space Hulk Redux

How do I love my wife? Let me count the ways...

Given that this has been an horrific couple of years at work for me, the Good Lady She Who Must Be Obeyed decided to celebrate the light at the end of the tunnel by buying me a present. And she bought me this:

Now we all know I love Space Hulk, but this new edition is something else. The tiles are beautiful and embossed so they have texture. The rules have been left as they were with a couple of tiny tweaks. And the miniatures.... oh, the miniatures are lovely. I think they may have been GW's first foray into CAD sculpting; in any case, they are delicious.

And obviously I had to get stuck in. I undercoated all the Terminators using the airbrush and then painted the first two:

Quite proud of the little motion tracker I painted on his arm, there. 

So another little fun project that should see me well into the summer. 


  1. I'm not into Space Hulk or any of the 40K stuff, but what a wonderful thoughtful present and great work on the minis!

    (also, the thought of Space Hulk being in celebration of the light at the end of the tunnel tickles my funny bone)

    1. It's a very positive game.

      If you're a scuttling monstrosity from beyond space.

  2. Looking great Herbert! Can't wait to see the Genestealers!

  3. The details on these minis are simply amazing and great job too bring them out.