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Peter Cushing

Friday 13 October 2017

The Deacon - Post 300!

Far beneath the ruins there are the remains of a church. Here the broken, the twisted, and the forgotten come to worship. They are called to services by The Deacon. Its wails and the clattering of the bone on wood lets all the dwellers of the Underhollow know that time of the Preacher is come.

This started as a little doodle for AOS28 but it very quickly became apparent it would fit quite easily into the Inq28 setting I've developed.

Construction was very easy; a skeleton torso with zombie arms greenstuffed on (I turned the board so the face pointed out). The head was a Genestealer leftover with the tongue cut out and a new mouth and tongue sculpted. The eyes were also blanked out because I'd just watched Alien Covenant. The lower body was made from greenstuff. Painting was just various glazes over grey.

I also, at the behest of my son, knocked him a Space Marine together out of bits and painted it to his specifications:


  1. Wow, that creature is totally unsettling, I particularly like the colours on the skin :O

  2. Yes indeed! The colors on the creatures are spot on. And congrats on your 300th post.

  3. Urgh!! Nasty work! And congrats on 300.