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Peter Cushing

Monday 16 October 2017

The Green Baron

Of all the smugglers plying their trade in the Outer Rim of the Arcadia system, there is one who stands head and shoulders above the rest. Not literally, of course. But ib terms of his sheer determination to get the cargo through no matter what there is no one who can touch the Green Baron.

How a Gretchin managed to slip away from his ork masters is a mystery. Why he would go into business for himself is an enigma. What he spends the money he makes on is a question no-one wants to think about for long. But if you need contraband and no one else can help you - and if you can find him - maybe you can hire Grotfred von Waaaaghoffen.

This was inspired by two things; I had an idea for a build using the legs of a sentinel but would be left with the cab, and a shot in a White Dwarf about a revolutionary gretchin army.

And so the Green Baron was born.

The build was pretty easy, just the cab of the sentinel with some plasticard wings and beat up panels.

The baron himself was selected from the Gretchin box; in terms of conversion I added the goggles and control yokes.

Painting was a doddle. Red wunz go fasta, after all.

A fun little build. It just needs some cotton wool smoke to finish it off.