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Peter Cushing

Monday 2 October 2017


The great city of Stonehaven was once a major trading post of the Realms; but the realm of Shadows is not a place conducive to healthy living. And so the great city started to be avoided; with no trade or goods and with all roads in covered in swirling mists and shadows, haunted by strange beasts, there was no reasons for people to visit the White City. And as areas of the White City On The Hill fell into ruin, the shadowcaps spread.

It was the Kharadron Overlords who discovered that the shadowcap fungus could be a valuable commodity; the healing and mutagenic powers of it made it sought after by all races of the Realms. Slowly and surely the new trade started to bring the City back to life.

But Stonehollow – as the shell of the city now is – is a place of the faint of heart. The Sylvaneth haunt the groves that overran the  white ruins; the Underhollow - the habitable spaces under the snowswept streets and courts - are haunted by Skaven who war with the shadowserpents, fallen Seraphon adapted to life underground. Degenerate barbarians hunt fungus farmers through the ruins and the bone orchards while the Kharadron Overlords load their ships from the spire they have erected over the city. 

Deep in the mists of the shadows, strange creatures spawn; warped and changed by exposure to the Shadowcaps these peculiar beasts are hunted down by the Stalker’s Guild – men and women of all races who capture the things spawned by the shadowfungus and sell them on to circuses, pit fights, carnivals and the bonesmiths of the Flesheater Courts.  

I was looking for a fantasy setting to play around with and Games Workshop provided with this rather fabulous little tool: Free City Generator 

The setting you see above was created based on the rolls made on those charts. So we shall see where this little experiment takes us. Stay tuned!

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