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Peter Cushing

Sunday 3 December 2017

Bits and Pieces and the Next Gen

As I said a while ago, although the blog lay fallow for a few weeks, I was busy.

First, I finished off the Silver Tower set:

And I also started playing Silver Tower with the eldest.

Who, around the time of Halloween asked if I had any skeletons; I raided the bits box and made him these:

He also chose the colour scheme for these, which I have taken to calling the Hounds of Liberace:

Finally, and possibly most importantly; we popped into the local GW to pick up some supplies and the manager gave him a tester miniature to paint, which he duly did: so here is my five year old's first painted and based miniature:

He's asked for some more :)


  1. Great beasties!

    And the lad's done a lovely job with his painting.

    1. He has, hasn't he? Not bad for a 5yo! His next two are quite interesting too.

  2. Those Silver Tower miniatures really are rather impressive.

    1. That whole set is absolutely full of cracking miniatures.

  3. I like Liberaces hounds, lovely Moorcock feel which is good and your sons painting is great!
    Best Iain

  4. Lovely work on the minis. Even when the minis are put in a group, the colors do not clash and work well together.