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Tuesday 19 December 2017

Injuries and a return to Middle Earth

Still not dead! However, a couple of weeks ago in two unrelated incidents on the same day my youngest son broke his thigh and our youngest cat broke his pelvis. As I am sure you can imagine no hobby activity has taken place since between overnight stays in the hospital, vet visits and work.

However, all is not lost: both patients are making good recoveries and both are at home. In hobby terms, my present to myself arrived:

For those of you unaware of Battle Companies, it is a skirmish campaign system for Lord of the Rings, allowing a small company of mooks to improve and grow over a series of battles.

Obviously, it being middle earth related u didn't get a look in for a few days as the Eldest nicked it:

But once I started looking through I realised that the haul of LOTR goodies my wife scored a while ago will allow me to field the following companies:

Isengard (always my favourite)
Angmar  (the Witch King is almost as cool as Saruman)

And obviously I have Rohan.

From my point of view this is perfect; a small number of miniatures, all conerted - it fits in with the Inq28 and AOS28 skirmish stuff I've been doing recently and also brings in some Middle Earth. Very excited about this.

So for those people keeping score as we go into 2018 the current projects are:

SWA Imperial Guard
AOS28 Skirmish Nurgle - this has started but got put on hold due to that last fortight , will put up a post when I've got the boss painted but here's a teaser:

Middle Earth Battle Companies1

This seems like enough to keep me ticking over. Of course, Christmas is coming so who knows...


  1. I have this book ordered - it was the white dwarf version of these rules that got me into LOTR gaming a good 13/14+ years ago.
    Look forward to seeing what you think of it.

    1. I'm loving it. Really struggling with what to run in the SCHOOL BC campaign