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Peter Cushing

Sunday 18 February 2018

Domain of the Dead

In the far west of the Caliburn Fell are the Mawdryn Marches. Here, untold men fell under the swords of the Skald, defending the high Fells from invasion. Tombs were raised for these heroes in the manner of their kind; stone sepulchres instead of the barrows of old. These tombs hold riches undreampt of in these days. But only the bravest adventurer will chance Tombs of Mawdryn, for the dead do not rest easy there.

This was a total fluke - I'd long fancied the Garden of Morr and later the double pack, but it was low on my list of priorities. Then lo and behold someone in the local area wanted shot of one which was still on sprue for thirty of Her Majesty's pounds. Needless to say I swooped upon the deal like a corpulent eagle.

The basic look was stolen wholesale from Rob Hawkins; simple drybrushing but with random bricks inked with blue and brown to break up the grey and to give a more natural look.

Here you can see one half of the box - the equivalent of the old Garden of Morr box set. As you can see there's enough to spread out and give some decent scatter for a skirmish game, but there's obviously a second lot. One piece of this is going to become an Inq28 oddity I have in mind., but the rest will join the rest of the AoS28 Caliburn Fell setting.


  1. Splendid paint job! I managed to bag one of these sets a couple of months ago and plan to use it for Mordheim or WFRP.

    1. I can't think of anything better suited to Mordheim than this set.

  2. It is a great set, and yours has come up very nicely!

  3. Lovely. I have this set in semi-paintedness. I really should finish it off. The endless grey was getting to me. I shall most likely steal the random colorized brick look. Thanks!

  4. It came out exceedingly well! Looks great!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I love the work on the surfaces and the different tones. Everything looks so natural. Great job!

  6. I've got a double that I want to make into Inq28 terrain as well :D Great minds and all that!