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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Caliburn Fell

At the heart of the Morrowvale stands the high fells; the greatest of these is the shadowed forests of Caliburn Fell. High above the trees and the blasted heaths looms the tower of the Occumancer of Caliburn Fell. Is it here that the traders of ruined Stonehollow come to trade with the few sky ships that ply their trade through the storm-wracked skies of the Fells. It is here that those who wish to know the paths of the future come for guidance. It is here that those brave few who wish to venture into the Tombs of Mawdryn stop before they vanish into the lands of the Skald.

I knew I wanted a centrepiece of scenery for my AoS28 and the warscryer citadel looked like a good bet. The clincher was my eldest son seeing a picture of it and announcing that this was exactly the kind of thing Daddy should buy and paint. For him to play with, obviously.

The beast has a huge amount of presence as it is, but it seemed a shame to waste something this big when I had all those other skills from making other model kits. So I decided to light it up.

Lighting the windows was easy enough - I created diffusers from greaseproof baking paper and painted leading on to it. These were glued in position with PVA. I drilled out the eye sockets of the skulls and ran fibre optics in to those. It was then a matter of positioning the LED loom - made easier by the fact I had a lighting kit left over from the Necromunda terrain I made ages ago. This is on a copper wire look which make its much easier to position.

Once the whole thing was sealed, I primed it black and started working up the drybrushing using a similar technique and palette to the Tombs of Mawdryn.

Overall, this big beast really gives an identity to the table, a very definite AoS28 lived in feel that some of the cyclopean ruins they've been releasing lack. I hope they release some of the old kits again. It would be nice to fill a table with scenery of this quality.


  1. Wow, very impressive indeed.Useful in a number of settings.

  2. The kit itself is imposing, but the light is simply awesome :O

    1. Cheers - seemed like a silly thing not to use the skills I'd developed in other kits.

  3. That looks fantastic. I really like the narrative too. I love that it lights up!!!

  4. Not sure what I am more jealous of, this kit or what you have done with it. That is amazing.

  5. That's a pretty awesome post. Excellent work.

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