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Peter Cushing

Sunday 26 August 2018

The Last Child of Ungoliant

"Even as Frodo spoke he felt a great malice bent upon him, and a deadly regard considering him. [...] The radiance of the star-glass was broken and thrown back from their thousand facets, but behind the glitter a pale deadly fire began steadily to glow within, a flame kindled in some deep pit of evil thought. Monstruous and abominable eyes they were, bestial and yet filled with purpose and with hideous delight, gloating over their prey trapped beyond all hope of escape."

Two years ago I scored a Shelob from eBay at a reduced prive because she was broken. Missing one mandible and with two back legs broken she became another of my recscue jobs. And finally, here she is!

I had to resculpt one of the back legs from greenstuff over a wire frame, as I did with the front mandible. 

Several of the legs needed drilling and pinning. 

Overall, I am pleased with how she turned out. I am interested to see how she works in the new edition of the game, as such an iconic beast should pack quite a punch.

In other news, I have decided to have a go at Armies on Parade this year; my entry will be a Lord of the Rings army led my the Witch King of Angmar so Shelob may well find her way into that...


  1. Really hideous! You got some nice textures and effects there

    1. Thanks Suber. As always, painting black is a challenge.

  2. I agree- the pattern in the red is very well done and looks great against the black/dark grey of the body.

    1. Thanks - wasn't sure how well it showed up on the photo