Television is rather a frightening business. But I get all the relaxation I want from my collection of model soldiers.
Peter Cushing

Wednesday 10 May 2017

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide

Gunnar fell against the rocks, hiding against the wind that scoured the scrubland on the edge of the Drift. He wrapped the camocloak around himself, huddling down. His breath rasped painfully. He had been fleeing for three weeks, snatching sleep and food where he could. One more day. One more day and he would reach Rorke's, where he would be safe. No-one broke the Pax there. He squinted his eyes against the wind. 

And slept.

Gunnar Anson was woken less than an hour later by a vast shadow blocking out the burnt orange sky. The smaller of the two figures standing over him clacked it's beaklike mouth rapidly. Was it... laughing? "You can run, human," it said, patting the flank of the vast reptile that accompanied it. "You can run. But you cannot hide."

Drycnath v'Lox, the best Xeno tracker and hunter in the Outer Rim occasionally comes down to the Drift. If the money is right, or the sport is good. His name is whispered everywhere outcasts and fringe people gather. If someone really wants you, the whispers go, they can get you killed easily enough. Life is cheap in the Drift, death even more so. But if someone wants you brought back to stand before them for whatever reason, then they call v'Lox. He will find you. And he will bring you back. Alive. 

This was an idea I had floating around for a while and turned into quite a simple build; the character established itself quite quickly through the build. The biggest difficulty was arranging the position of the two characters on the base to establish their relationship. In the end I put the hunter at the front. 

There's some bits of Eldar, Dryad and genestealer cult in the hunter, and the Hunting Beast is straight conversion of an old Cold One.