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Peter Cushing

Sunday 7 May 2017

The Faceless

In the far north where the winds of change howl through ancient stones and the ruins of long gone cities, savage tribes swear dark oaths to secret powers. The lowest of their kind forswear their identities as only the strongest are allowed to claim a name. Until then they are known by the trophies of their enemies, skulls and bones and teeth driven into their own flesh, trophies bound to themselves with chains and hooks. Many an unwary traveller's final sight has been the blank unfeeling helm staring down upon them as their skin is flayed from their flesh....

The lowest of them are known as The Faceless.

The Darkoath cheiftan was such a fabulous character that it started me asking questions: where did he come from? What sort of a culture birthed this trophy strewn beast: did it value glory or cunning? I wanted to explore these ideas further and see what happened.

This is the start of that exploration. A simple miniature from the Storm of Sigmar start set - this set chosen because it's basically dirt cheap - and then some conversion work.

I removed the details of the helm and the obvious chaos god symbols. I then added the chain and created a wound for it to come from. 

Normal zenithal priming and some filler and rock on the base. 

Here's the painting with the corrosion and rust and various veins and details on the skin. 

The last touch was snow on the base for that proper barbarian of the far north look. 

And here he is with the Darkoath. I think they go well together.


  1. That is seriously creepy and bl@@dy brilliant!

    1. Good-oh - that was the effect I was after!

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