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Peter Cushing

Sunday 14 May 2017

More of the Faceless

In the far north where the winds of change howl through ancient stones and the ruins of long gone cities, savage tribes swear dark oaths to secret powers. The lowest of their kind forswear their identities as only the strongest are allowed to claim a name. Until then they are known by the trophies of their enemies, skulls and bones and teeth driven into their own flesh, trophies bound to themselves with chains and hooks. Many an unwary traveller's final sight has been the blank unfeeling helm staring down upon them as their skin is flayed from their flesh....

The lowest of them are known as The Faceless.

More of the conversions from the cheap Warhammer Starter, continuing to explore the idea of this tribe from the far north. I'm starting to get a handle on the feel of them now so I reckon I can do something interesting with the next couple. 

This was a very simple conversion again, with only the helmet smoothed off and some ritual wounds added.

As you can see, the two of them so far hang together quite well. 

And just because I was curious if they could do double service, I wondered if they would work for SF as well...

My wife bought another present for my son - the one who is obsessed with wolves - and so I painted and based them up to work with this force I'm evolving.

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