Television is rather a frightening business. But I get all the relaxation I want from my collection of model soldiers.
Peter Cushing

Saturday 20 May 2017

In the far north of the Realm of Shadows where the winds of change howl through ancient stones and the ruins of long gone cities, savage tribes swear dark oaths to secret powers. They each have their role.

The Drune Lords tend the Bone Orchards; the Skald, sealed screaming into their moving sarcophagi, lead the war parties; and the Cheiftans manage the day to day business of the tribe...  The lowest of their kind forswear their identities as only the strongest are allowed to claim a name.

Until then they are known by the trophies of their enemies, skulls and bones and teeth driven into their own flesh, trophies bound to themselves with chains and hooks. Many an unwary traveller's final sight has been the blank unfeeling helm staring down upon them as their skin is flayed from their flesh....

The lowest of them are known as The Faceless.

I've really enjoyed discovering these chaps as I've made them; the first couple established the palette and the style. The last three allowed me to develop the idea a bit more.

For this chap there was very little conversion; just removing the Khornate details and the silly horns.

I was curious as to what was under those blank helmets. This one, I swapped the head out for one of the stitched up heads used as trophies from the Nurgle Plaguebearers kit. I added some ritual wounds and then sunk the brass rod into the back to mount some more grisly trophies. I suspect this chap is close to being granted a name and moving up the hierarchy. 

And finally this one, again, very little conversion; just removed the details from the helmet and added a ritual wound and some pseudo tentacles. 

Overall I am very happy with the feel and a look of these chaps, especially when compared to the original, untouched sculpts:

I think there's still more to explore with this culture. I have an idea for the warrior and the priest caste. So expect more on this...


  1. These are so wonderful dark, although I am starting to worry about your mental health - must be the strain of all the Ofsted inspections you have had to endure! :)

    1. Wait until you see the next lot. You'll be sending the chaps in white coats to drag me out of my classroom.