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Peter Cushing

Sunday 21 October 2018

That Which Is Not Dead

Hello all - just to say that I am not dead and the blog is not dead. Just had a *very* busy start to the new term at school and so something had to fall by the wayside. So this post is a simple catchup and then we should hopefully start to get back to something approaching regularity.

Obviously the biggest thing for me hobby wise was the launch of the new Lord of the Rings Middle Earth game. I bought the box set and have enjoyed playing it at work with the students.

Kill team has also gone down very well with the games club and so the scenery I built for that has been getting some use.

Speaking of scenery the Good Lady She Who Must be Obeyed noticed how much I was enjoying painting it and so grabbed a couple of the realm of battle tiles for me - I'll put those up in a seperate post.

So here, without further a do, it a load of pictures showing what I've been up tp recently. Think of it like a Rocky training montage.

The eldest got the first couple of issues of the 40k part work...

I built some more Rohan scenery

I converted 24 monopose Morannon Orcs so that every single one was different...

I experiement with glow in the dark pigment

I got my old Isengard army out of storage for a glorious battle...


I finished my Admech Kill Team

I built a snotling pump wagon...

Painted with both boys...

Prepped the Halloween Game

Played a lot of Kill Team at work.

And scored a load of trees in a second hand job lot. 

Phew. There's a few more detailed posts to come this week and then we'll be all caught up.


  1. Not dead, and not unproductive either. Looks like some good stuff going on.

    I stopped painting during the Summer, then was away on vacation, but I'm getting back into painting again now that the weather is cooler and I'm not gallivanting.