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Peter Cushing

Saturday 6 June 2020


The lost watchtower of Amon Sul. 

Another piece of Middle Earth scenery, this time a hard foam product from Ziterdes bought from Mighty Lancer games. It arrives ready painted and with flock attached but the paintjob is really just a grey spray. 

Fine for pick up and play - but we can do better. 

First a quick highlight drybrush and then a black wash. Then some more drybrushing and it's already looking good. 

Then some weathing pigments, fixed in place with airbrush thinner.

And then some modelmates Moss effect

And finally a few grass tufts to finish. 

The ForgeWorld one costs a couple of hundred quid. I reckon this one looks pretty good for 35 or so. I'll definitely have a look for some more of their stuff. 


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  2. Looks rather spiffing, and saved yourself a few bob too.

  3. You've done a fabulous job on that, lovely photographs too.

  4. Nice! The outdoor lighting makes for great photos for stuff like this.