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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 21 December 2016

"Aye, I Could Do That."

"I never thought I'd die fighting side by side with an Elf."

"What about side by side with a friend?"

"...Aye. I could do that."

Who doesn't love Gimli and Legolas? In an attempt to clear the decks before the Christmas loot arrives, I'm trying to tidy up some loose ends this week. Part of this was finishing off my little mini-fellowship. 

It actually turned out to be quite hard to find photo references for Gimli in his Fellowship outfit without the Elven cloak so I had to watch a couple of clips and take a best guess. 

In other Middle Earth news, I built up painted the last set of the Ruins of Osgiliath:

As I said in my previous post you simply cannot beat that for £40. The three sets easily create a setting for a 4x4 skirmish. Throw in some scatter and vegetation and you're done.

I am currently trying to resist the temptation to buy the Laketown House. The multipack is a touch more expensive, but you don't half get some scenery for your money. 

 As a final bit of housekeeping I based up the Dragon - the building of which is detailed exhaustively here - but when it was done, I found that that with dragon being green and the base also being earth tones, it needed something to make it pop.

Enter the snow effect I looked at earlier. 

As sort of scatter terrain, it breaks up with the green enough to do the job. There's still something missing here so I thick I'm going to have to come back to this one again.

And finally, you may recall that my Eldest son has adopted two orc warg riders as his favourite toys. So, as it's the season of goodwill, I've been keeping an eye on ebay.

12 second hand warg riders + 1 four-year boy = happiness:

So I guess I have those to paint up before Christmas. 


  1. Love it!! All of it!!
    The ruins of Osgiliath are particularly awesome, I always wanted those :)

  2. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Have a great break and enjoy the Christmas loot.

  3. Excellent work all around. The figures are terrific, especially the dragon, and what a clever idea to use snow on the base. Makes sense, since dragons would live on the high parts of mountains, where it is snowy.
    I quite like the Osgilliath pieces, I must see if they are still in print.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours,