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Peter Cushing

Sunday 11 December 2016

Not Another F***ing Elf

With the immortal words of Hugo Dyson, fellow Inkling, upon hearing Tolkien read a section from the Lord of the Rings in our ears, let us look at my latest paint job.

Legolas Greenleaf is another of the early sculpts from GW and he is lovely. A fabulous likeness of Mr Bloom.

Colour wise I used a reference shot from the film:

Base colours were easy to mix using, oddly enough, a very WW2 palette; olive drab, feldgrey and khaki were the main shades.

Hair was mixed from yellow and bone, highlighting up to yellow. I felt that was more fitting than the almost white of the films at 28mm scale.

The final touch was stringing the bow. Not something I've ever done before but ridiculously easy after rigging the Napoleonic ships.  This is certainly something I'll start doing with all archers from now on.

And finally just the base. I might add some leaves when I get some yellow rather than brown ones made. 

I don't really feel the urge to paint the hobbits; so I might get around to Boromir and Gimli to complete my truncated Fellowship.

What I really want to do is a Nazgul on Fellbeast but I can't really justify the cost. If I see a cheap one, though...

Edited to cite the correct Inkling! In the first version I'd wrongly attributed it to Lewis. 


  1. Great paint job on a great figure! Fantastic green work. However, I think you've attributed the elf quote to the wrong Inkling...

    1. You are absolutely right, it was Dyson. I shall edit!

  2. Good looking elf,nice green palette.
    Best Iain