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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 26 December 2018


We've spent the last few weekends, the boys and I, watching The Lord of the Rings films on Netflix. They both loved them (and the moment I felt like I'd done a good job Dadding was when they both literally cheered when the Eagles arrived in Return of the King) but the Eldest - who has more Middle Earth miniatures than I do, probably - was particularly taken with the Balrog.

So much so, in fact, that he wanted to buy one. Bear in mind this is a significant investment for a 6yo. He had to use all the money he had saved for a significant period of time and then do a few odd jobs round the house for the rest.

In any case, he ordered one and it arrived. He then spent a happy evening putting it together.

It's quite a big thing to paint, so we cracked out the airbrush. He's been using the airbrush since he was 4 when I got him a cheap Spitfire to paint, so all I really had to do here was mix paints for him and tell him what colours to use.

Once he'd basecoated it, I painted in the black of the wing phalanges and the back plates. I also added the lighting effects on the base and tidied up the face.

It's a model with a lot of presence and he seems happy with it. I live in fear that he's going to want to play the Middle Earth SBG and field it - in the new rules, the Balrog is an unstoppable beast.


  1. Hmm I'm 52 and still can't master an airbrush.Hats of to the young man.

    1. I'm using it more now than I ever have that I got some decent thinner and cleaner.

  2. Lovely model and lovely painting result

  3. That's a beautiful work. Not talking only about the result, but the whole story behind. Bravo.

  4. Fantastic! Yep, that's great that your son wanted it, ordered, put it together and did some of the painting!