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Sunday 20 September 2015

Carnosaur Part 1

Well, this is turning into a more complex project than I had anticipated, so it seems worth creating a little blog within a blog - one of those project blog/plog things - to keep track of it.

So, to recap:

The carnosaur arrived and it looked like this:

I've stripped it until it looks like this:

And the next stage was to pin and glue the various limbs. As always with older GW kits, you tend to find that one side of the various fits tend to be quite tight but you end up with a yawning chasm on the other. On this kit, pleasingly, the outside edges with the textures tended to be solid. However, pinning seemed to be necessary to add some security.

Then, tonight, it was time for some greenstuff and sculpting. Alas, my sculpting tools have vanished so all I had to work with was a broken smoother and a scalpel.

The next step is to undercoat it and make sure it's smooth enough for airbrushing.


  1. Its hard to assemble old tin figures... great work!

    1. Ta - skills I haven't had to use for a good long while.

  2. Just seeing you breath life back into this old beastie is great to watch.

    1. Thanks. It's one I always wanted so I'm going to take my time to get it looking something like.