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Peter Cushing

Thursday 10 September 2015

"They have a cave troll..."

Started ploughing through the Middle Earth haul. The first job was to strip - using my favourite thing, Biostrip as detailed here - the layers of paint. As it turns out, the previous owner has applied the paint with a trowel.

I managed to get most of it off the first few figures I decided to start on. However, the Witch-King had a stubborn chunk that I couldn't shift. I think I managed to get it think enough that I can disguise it with paint.

The Cave Troll was a little more complex. The hammer came loose when I was scrubbing it and removing the many, many layers of paint showed that it had been put together in a fairly slapdash fashion leaving lots of gaps:

A little time with the greenstuff leaves us with something a bit more useable.

Just a couple of mold lines and then we're done. Hopefully get some paint on them this weekend - assuming I can get out of the other end of the traditional Start of Year Head Cold. 


  1. Sheesh, that troll's got a big one! Weapon that is ... Oh, that still sounds dodgy :))

  2. Excellent, that bio strip really works wonders.

    1. It's a miracle substance, it really is. When I think of all the years I wasted with acetone and brake fluid...