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Peter Cushing

Sunday 13 September 2015

Team Names

No Bloodbowl team is complete without a name, obviously. So here's the signage for the two teams I have painted from the base set.

Thanks to everyone who suggested names - and I am disappointed that I couldn't make some variation on 'Turnips' work after Tamsin's suggestion - but an especial thanks to the redoubtable Roy who came up with the Orc team name.


  1. Names to spread fear and dread in their opponents, let the games commence!

  2. Their opponents still call them "The Turnips" ;)

    Nice banners :)

  3. Very nice. Though I can't lay claim to my Rippers name being original - I found it off the 'web :)

    My old Norse team name: Norsca Brafielance