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Peter Cushing

Monday 21 September 2015

Drums In The Deep

As promised, decent photos of Gandalf.
Gandalf I

And yes, I know I stuffed up with eyes.
Gandalf II
The cloak was done the same as Saruman, with a building up of glazes over traditional highlight to give a softer gradation of colour.

As I was on, I did the same thing with the Cave troll.
Cave Troll

Balin's Tomb

Balin's Tomb
Oh, and I also tidied up the last bit of the TARDIS as well.



  1. Very nice! Especially the tomb and its accoutrements. And the troll and the TARDIS and Gandalf. I tip my hat to anyone who paints eyes. Eyes are tricky (and I've read lots of the tricks for doing them well). I often avoid it on most minis of humans and similar beings, and leave the eye area just dark.

    1. I generally tend to leave them dark as well but I started doing some of my LOTR ones like this so I'm stuck with having to do the eyes now.