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Peter Cushing

Monday 3 April 2017

Pax Nobilis - The Siridar Baron Arkonal

"Walk? What do you take me for, a Guardsman?"  -Siridar Baron Abulurd Arkonal

"The world as we knew it is over; but the old order survives. My House has governed this Hive for centuries. I will not see mere anarchy loosed upon this world. We shall track down the scum and degenerates who dragged our world into the Drift and put them to the sword!"


The inspiration comes partly from Baron Harkonnen; the idea of a Noble who's feet never touch the mere earth. Construction was a fairly major kitbash using some medieval fantasy stuff, some 40K Mechanicus stuff and some odds and sods from the bits box. Levitating him was simple matter of using some guitar string inner - it's incredibly strong and thin. The only real conversion was bending one of the feet back to complete the floating look. 

Painting was a slightly richer palette than most of the other characters in the drift. Still the same colours but with slightly more of the accent colours and less of the dominant earth tones. This was a calculated risk which might lead to the Siridar Baron overwhelming the rest of the group. 

I added some check patterns as those, especially on red, are to me a real marker of old fashioned John Blanche style SF. 

As it happens, I don't think he overwhelms the rest of them. I think as a group, they hold together well. There's also a real sense that these characters I'm creating for the Drift are splitting into two groups: this semi-official sort of grouping who will probably end up as part of the Inquisitorial retinue. The other... well, for that you'll need to see the next post.