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Peter Cushing

Friday 20 April 2018

Bellicus Vult

Sirrah Helios Galt saw Lux Tenebris fall under the fire of the enemy. Rearing back, he brought the massive guns of Bellicus Vult to bear, scouring the enemy from the remains of his fallen brother. As flames engulfed the cranes and gantries of Sycorax and waterfalls of sparks cascaded upon him, Galt and his mount strode into the fire. He would not fall. He would fight to the end - and beyond. 

For the second of my Knight Armigers I decided to go with something more battered than the first; this one has not been lovingly restored to service - this has never stopped fighting.

I did a bit of cutting and re-positioning to give it a slightly more dynamic pose, and added a victim from my bits box to lift the front leg and shift the pose a little more.

It was again painted by hand but this time I went to town on the weathering. Sponge chipping on the edges of plates helped give the impression of use, and very delicate trails of rust and oil were painted on to help with the impression. I also used paint to chip away at the decals to make them look worn as well.

Finally massive amounts of pigment weathering were caked over all the painstaking paintwork.

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