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Peter Cushing

Saturday 7 April 2018

The Downhive Reds

Deep in the underhive, there are whispers. The whispers speak of a gang owning fealty to House Escher. A gang that flit from shadow to shadow, every moving, never ceasing. A gang whose exposure to the chemicals and toxins that are their stock in trade has changed them. Changed them so they are barely human any more. Lithe, pale and stealthy, most believe the Downhive Reds took their name from the dyed scarlet of their hair. But the whispers say otherwise. The whispers hiss that the Reds get their name from the fact that they are so changed that they no longer subsist on Soylens Viridians like the rest of Necromunda but instead on some something darker, darker and hotter. All that remains of those who cross them are scarlet traces...

I thoroughly enjoyed putting the Escher models together ahead of the school club's Necromunda campaign. I feel in love with the aesthetic of them; the massive boots and hair look exactly like the Carlos Equezerra line work I remember from 2000AD when I was a lad. So that was naturally where I turned for inspiration.

I considered going down the Judge Anderson route but if they ever get around to releasing Arbites I want to go full Dredd on them, so I cast my net slightly wider and caught... well, Durham Red. When I knew her she was a supporting character in Strontium Dog. Apparently she ended up getting her own strip (and a stripperific costume to boot). In any case, I had the palette I wanted.

Given the amount of times I've done blue tinted skin you'd think I wouldn't have this much trouble with it, but there you go. Anyway, these dangerous lasses are done.

Next is the start of a fairly major project that I am certain I will live to regret.


  1. They look ace, great work!
    When I first saw them they screamed 2000AD with their colour scheme, even though Durham Red was obviously after my time (because she doesn't ring a bell with me). The oversized boots and hair immediately appealed to me when the new models came out and I put it down to my Punk/Goth days as a kid, but now that you've pointed it out it seems really obvious that 2000AD had an influence....thank you for the trip down memory lane :D

    1. Happy to have opened the doors of memory. Of course, punk had a massive influence on 2000AD

  2. Amazing! Love the concept and what a character Durham Red is, not sure how I missed her?

  3. Stunning paint job! I’d forgotten all about Durham Red, may have to visit eBay...

  4. Beautiful figures and nice scenery, love the atmosphere...