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Peter Cushing

Friday 13 April 2018

The Seeker of Lost Things

...opposed the mission to Sycroax. Regardless of this, Magos Archeopterist Skol's arguments won the day; the possibility of recovering lost teachnology - perhaps even an STC - from the lost foundry of Sycorax was regarded as outweighing any possible risks. 

Unfortunately, it was to become obvious that Skol had severely miscalculated the risk/reward ratio; in his unquenchable thirst for lost knowledge, he dug too greedily and too deep...

[from A Report on the Sycorax Incident, Author Unknown, M41.998.267]

Here is the leader of my little band. He's built completely stock - no conversion. As I looked at the parts on the sprue I more or less fell in love with the model as it.

As a result I spent a bit of time on him, with some blending work on the cloak and a variety of filters and tones on the metal.

I'm very happy with how he looks; now we just need to work on his retinue.


  1. Excellent brushwork on a very cool miniature!

    1. Thanks Terry.I wanted to give him a little care and attention.

  2. Fantastic work! Love the colour you've used for his cloak.

    1. Thanks Padre: wanted to give him a slightly more natural look than usual.

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