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Peter Cushing

Sunday 1 April 2018

Into The Fallen Realms

A while ago, I got hold of the Battle Companies supplement for Middle Earth. By raiding the massive stash of old LOTR miniatures I had lying around, I was able to pull togther three interesting Companies to play around with. I've been playing around with them on and off over the last couple of months between other projects and now they're finally finished.

Uthreg's Rievers. 

A force of Angmar orcs, owing loyalty to the Witch King of that dread realm, Uthreg leads his motley band into the lands of Men seeking sport, loot - and meat.

Eodred's Raiders

A young nobleman of Rohan, Eodred the Wild was disowned by his father and exiled by the King. Now, with his remaining retainers, he seeks glory enough to win back his name. 

Abbas the Drake's Rock Serpents

From the burning lands of the East, they answered the call of the Dark Lord. Abbas the Drake promised them fortune and glory in the rich, fertile lands of the soft west and they mean to collect their due. 

And finally a couple of action shots. 


  1. Cool, I love seeing some LOTR action :)

    1. Middle Earth is more or less my painting Happy Place. If I'm burned out with other projects or need a boost, a quite trip to Rohan, Isengard or Angmar is guaranteed to get my mojo back.