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Peter Cushing

Saturday 14 April 2018

The Rad Dogs

+++data stream extract; communication between Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii command and Archmagos Calorith Syx+++

~The Skitarii Unit Radiphracts 32-Theta-Atrius- has been displaying non-normative behaviour for some time. Advise.

~Context 'non-normative'. Respond.

~32-Theta-Atrius has survived 236% beyond normal expectations; 33 deployments as of m41.998.301. Perfomance in the field is above nominal outside of statistical variation. Levels of Holy Radiance are now at 302% of Radiphract-norm. Advise.

~Expand: behaviour in deployment/organisational effectiveness. Respond

~Effective value 4.2. Behaviour non-normative. Damaged units have been recovered under fire. Advise.

~Quarantine from other Skitarii units. 32-Theta-Atrius to be placed on detached duty. Deployed to Explorator Mission under command of MA Skol. Action.


+++extract ends+++

I've been using bits of the Skitarii kits for the last year for a variety of Inq28 gubbins so it actually felt a bit odd to build them as originally intended.

However, I think these look like an agreeably messed up bunch of radiation soaked cyborg killing machines. The basic colour scheme was picked up from the Magos Explorator  and liberal application of weathering pigments finished the grime.


  1. I love what you did here, they look totally up to the role. Great!

  2. Love the weathering effects on their cloaks which tie the pieces to the base very well!!!