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Peter Cushing

Thursday 23 April 2020

At My Command

Having finished both lots of Titans and being ready to play Adeptus Titanicus (don't worry, shots of my Traitor Legio will be coming soon) I turned my attention to the command terminals.

Given their importance in gameplay the main concern for me was the likelihood of the markers  being knocked in play. Seeing as I had all these magnets kicking about, I decided to crack on.

I ordered some magnetic sheet from Amazon - 0.5mm thickness, £4 for 6 sheets of A4.

The little terminals are A5, so you can easily cut each magnetic sheet in half with a craft knife. 

Then I turned my attention to the markers. I already had to trim the locator pegs off the back so this was where I glued my 3x1mm magnets. 

 Et voila!

 And a full set, ready to play and won't fall off or move if the terminal gets knocked during play.

It also has the added advantage that you stick your favourite Titan to the fridge.


  1. Great idea - how did you affix the terminal to the magnetic sheet?

    1. Think it's usually self adhedivr

    2. The ones I got weren't self adhesive so I just popped a blob of suerpglue gel at each corner.