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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Feersum Enjins

"...the sudden declaration of the Legio Viridia Umbra for the Warmaster caught their brethren completely by surprise. Indeed within their first months of traitorous activities they claimed a Warlord and several Reavers of the Loyalist legios."

-From Fearsome Engines: A History of the Legios on the Spinward Marches, Ayjaypee T'Lar, Mars University Press, m40.231

I have finished my other two Titans from the starter set; the first two can be seen here. I am quite proud of these, so prepare yourself for a lot of pictures. 

Once again, the addition of Vanguard miniatures 6mm not-Imperial Guard really helps sell the scale of these beasts. 

I built the base for the Warhound using spares from the kit and bits of sprue...

Here you can see that the toes aren't articulated round the hull on the floor

So a bit of cutting and reposing gives a more natural pose. 

Painted the ruined warhound and added painted 6mm figures

These lovely flames will end up being covered in weathering but what the hell. 

For the Reaver I decided to go for the Full Riker. 

As before, all the weapons were magnetised to allow for swapping in and out. 

The colour scheme was based on a peacock's plumage so the colours were mixed from Vallejo model colours and metal medium and then wet-blended. I am quite pround of the finished effect which looks almost indistinguishable from the airbrush fade on the main hull. 

And here are the final paintjobs before weathering obscures them:

Weathering added using the tehcniques I learnt on the T-34

And here's the finished pieces. 

I decided to treat myself to some scenery and a Warlord as well, so guess what's up next!


  1. These are incredible! I just love the bases, little works of art in their own right.

  2. This is awesome. All the tiny details everywhere are amazing.

  3. Wow! The amount of details you've put into this project is incredible. Fantastic work!

  4. Stunning looking Engines