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Peter Cushing

Saturday 11 October 2014

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and-- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?

It was in the long hot summer of 1898 that caravans started going missing to the south of Wadi Phukwa'zaht. Harassed by the Colonial Office and - perhaps more importantly - seeing the gifts and gratuities he had become accustomed to receiving from various businesses vanish like a mirage, the Governor General suggested an investigation was in order.

Thus it was that a small section under the command of one Lt. Keene was dispatched to find out who or what was responsible for the disappearances. He and his faithful Sergeant Cordwangle were quite unprepared for what they found...





Well, here it is. I'm eternally grateful to everyone who's supported me in my efforts to get back in to the hobby. Your compliments and cheerleading have been vital to the success of this little project.


I am quite happy with how it's turned out; perhaps more importantly, aside from the few places where the brushwork isn't up to much, I'm glad that I have started to built up my confidence and remember some techniques after the long gap.


Perhaps more importantly, it looks pretty much like what I had in my head when I had the idea for it in the summer looking at Mr Awdry's wonderful Whitechapel CD-based vignette at 28mm Victorian Warfare. 

The last few in progress shots are:

The bases were blended in with some simple basing sand which then had a wash applied:


And the last details were added to Barney

And then finally some static grass was added to give some variation to the ground cover. I would have liked to add some moss to the rocks but I can't find my flock anywhere.

The total cost for the project was a quarter of a box of British Line Infantry, so call that a fiver; an old PS2 game, 50p for Barney and £2 for the aquarium plants. Everything else was offcuts and leftovers.

 See you all next week for the next project which is a little bit Hammer and a little bit folk horror...


  1. Nice looking vignette! Nothing beats a proper dino hunt.

  2. Excellent. Nicely done and recorded.

  3. Thank you, chaps. Quite happy with the outcome.

  4. Fantastic! I can't think of a better way to get back into the hobby then a top notch vignette.

    1. Thanks, Brian. It's certainly helped my confidence.

  5. Absolutely wonderful Herbert, what a triumph! Fabulous work and I am thrilled that I may have helped to inspire the piece in some small way. Now what we all want to know is what was on the original CD? I'm going for 'Was Not Was' and 'Walk the Dinosaur! ;)

    1. Believe it or not it's one of She Who Must Be Obeyed's old PS2 games. An awful platformer called Taz. It seemed quite pleasing to sacrifice a console game to this most analogue of hobbies.

      As it happens, the next one isn't going to fit on a CD. The shape is all wrong.

  6. Dinosaurs and Redcoats! That's the most fantastic thing I've seen since I don't know when. Bravo, sir! Now I want to know what happens next? Does Keene or any of his men live to tell the GG the story? And will they be believed?

    1. Don't ask my why, but I have the feeling that the Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers could find themselves being re-assigned. Possibly to the BMEF...