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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 22 October 2014

The Hands of Orlac

The thumb is about healed enough to do some carving today; painting and sculpting will take another few days, I think.

So, where did we get to? I've actually spent a very Cooper-ish evening watching Twin Peaks, drinking coffee and eating pie and then shining my shoes to a mirror finish. Inbetween episodes, I've managed to more or less finish the basic terrain and play around with some composition:


I quite like the progression of the tombstones to draw the eyes up. The gravestones are from the wonderful Ainsty Castings; full of detail and character. I'm quite looking forward to painting them up.

The view down the hill to see the shambling mass:

The view up the hill to see our noble heroes.

So assuming that I can bend my thumb properly the next step is to slap some filler on the ground and then sculpt the additional bits on the undead horde. Following this, painting ahoy. So expect to see some progress over half term.

*watching Twin Peaks has got me asking two questions. 

First, does anyone make a 28mm Not Dale Cooper?
Second, how hard would it be to paint a floor like this?


  1. Good to hear that your thumb is healing.

    For the floor, it may be easier to print the design on gloss or semi-gloss photo paper then stick that onto your base.

    1. Good idea, thanks Tamsin. Now I just need to find Special Agent Cooper...

  2. Great progress with the build, I love the dramatic gradient. As for the floor you could always prime the base white then apply masking fluid before spaying with your choice of colour.

    1. Good idea. I still have some Humbrol masking fluid lying around somewhere.