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Peter Cushing

Thursday 2 October 2014

Semper Fidelis

I've been painting and gaming for a very long time now. My bits and pieces of kit have followed me to university and through several house moves since. Brushes have come and gone, armies been bought, painted, sold or swapped and game loved then forgotten - but through it all, there has been one faithful servant:

I bought that when I was 15. It's still liquid, still usable. Eeh, them were the days. Made to last, stuff were then. But it does make me wonder... is there anyone else out there still using the original Citadel paints after all these years?


  1. I still use a bunch of my citadel paints. Most of them lack the labels on the side (predating that fine upgrade). Now that I'm doing more historicals a lot of my paints are also vallejo.

    1. I use Vallejo from pretty much everything - with a couple of Coats d'Arms tucked away - because I adore the dropper bottles. Love em.

  2. I still have and use a number of my old citadel paints in that sort of bottle. Unlike some of their later bottles the paints keep very well in the one your chainmail paint is in. I guess that's why they stopped using that bottle.
    These days, when I buy new paint I look for Vallejo and Reaper paints in the dropper bottles. I like being able to squeeze out a small amount onto a "wet palette", and the bottles have a somewhat smaller footprint so I can fit more on my paint racks.
    (came here from Michael Awdrey's blog)