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Peter Cushing

Thursday 2 October 2014

The Dark Continent Takes Form

I played around with lots of different ideas for foliage to get that Lost World vibe. I was going to construct some palm trees with wire and fabric, a technique I'd had some success with in the past; but I decided that it was more important for me to get the first thing actually finished to get the mojo flowing. So, thanks to Dave (@thefrugalgamer) who reminded me of aquarium plants, I popped onto the Bay of E and awaited delivery. A bit of chopping and sticking has started to give me a pretty good bit of visual interest to frame the figures on the ridge:  And with the valiant chaps of the Prince of Wales Own Volunteers in place, facing the monstrous spawn of the Dark Continent:  So tomorrow it's time to dip the brush into the wet stuff. I'm intending to start easy by working on Barney do I can get back into the swing of blending. My plan is to do the whole thing with a rather muted, realistic palette to really make the redcoats pop. Of course, I might ditch that and go for one of the more garish recent suggestions for what a tyrannosaur might have looked like...


  1. absolutely superb, wonderful work and I can't wait to see it develop with the addition of some paint. On that note, might I suggest a followers gadget so we can all keep track of your progress? There is of course the Google+ version, but I've noticed that not everyone embraces that so I personally resorted to the old fashioned version that can be found buried deep in the gadgets section.

    Either way keep up the good work, having something that I could escape to, has been the perfect tonic for our demanding day jobs.

    All the best,


  2. Many thanks, Michael. Looking forward to slapping some paint on :). I think I've added the right follower thing, let me know if I've got it wrong.

    1. Hi Herbert, I'm not sure what you've got there, but my ICT skills are not the best. The gadget I was thinking of can be found on the layout page. Click 'add a gadget' and then look for the 'more gadgets' tab. Right at the bottom of that page you should see something called 'followers' - that should do it! Hope it helps.